General Secretariat

University Support instance that conducts general administrative activities, among other tasks, as well as the coordination of administrative relations among the General Rectorate and the University Campuses.

General Administration and Labor Relations Coordination

Managing institution staff processes, recording accounting records and informing about the financial situation, making sure the labor and fiscal obligation are complied with, getting material resources and general services from the University General Rectorate and Child Development Centers in order.

Dissemination General Coordination

This university dependency specializes in disseminating cultural, research and humanistic contents generated in the university. It motivates, designs, arranges, and promotes activities that link the culture, the sciences, the arts and the humanities with the university community and society based on collaborative work with the university campuses and other institutions to preserve and strengthen the University’s tangible and intangible cultural patrimony that contributes to improve social wellbeing.

Institutional Information General Coordination

The Institutional Information General Coordination (CGII in spanish), is responsible for the administration of the information systems made up of the management support documentation; academic and administrative computing systems; the admission processes for Undergraduate and Postgraduate; school registration; the integration of programming and institutional budgeting; as well as regarding scholarships. Its activities are organized under the direct line of command of the head of the General Secretariat, to support the achievement of institutional objectives, in accordance with the express powers and applicable regulations.

Academic Strengthening and Linkage General Coordination

It integrates the University’s teaching, research, and culture dissemination activities with the surroundings, including its own community, by carrying out research projects, scientific development, cultural dissemination, and academic integration, among others. To do this it requires time, transparency, social responsibility, sustainability, efficiency, and external funding that contributes to position the institution nationally and internationally to preserve the University’s prestige.

Management Control Office

It coordinates the actions for verification control, follow up, and administrative and operational supervision which are fundamental to make decisions by the General Secretariat. It manages administrative paperwork by offering advice and follow-up actions to the University General Rectorate and Campuses requirements to contribute to correct administration relations articulations and to improve the use of university resources.

Logistics and Safety Office

It contributes to strengthen the institutional response capacity to attend emergencies and contingencies by coordinating the Integral Safety System towards fulfilling current regulations as well as to give support to the logistic supervision of use and services in the University General Rectorate facilities by procuring to safeguard the live and physical integrity of the University community and institutional patrimony.

Infraestructure Office

It contributes to improving the University’s physical structure by planning, programming, and elaborating projects and executing required construction of buildings to preserve, rehabilitate and increase the physical facilities in the University campuses as well as the University’s real state patrimony.

Academic College Technical Office

It provides administrative support to ease the development of the Academic College functions through the arrangement of the logistics for the sessions, the timely integration of the information to be used by the participants, the safeguard and generation of the documental notes from the sessions, the administration of the survey instrument as well as the constant information update from the diffusion mechanism that the council generates.