General Advocacy


The General Advocacy Head is a university support instance which is freely appointed by the General Rectorate.

His/Her mission is to perform his/her responsibilities and duties with technical autonomy towards assuring that the institutional functions are performed in a timely manner and based on legal policy.

Dr. Juan Rodrigo Serrano Vásquez

General Attorney

Telephones: 5554834000 ext. 1200 and 1202

M. en D. Juan Rodrigo Serrano Vásquez

Biographical Note

He studied Laws at UAM Azcapotzalco Campus, and he has a Master’s Degree in Constitutional Laws from the “Universidad Marista”. He specializes in Legal Advice to Higher Education institutions and related organizations as well as in legislative techniques, legal statements production, family law and succession.

He had previously worked for this institution as Head of University Legislation and Legal Affairs. Additionally, he was Head of the Legal Services and Consulting Departments as well as Delegate Attorney and Consultant.

He developed the legal and normalization framework for the Distant Learning National System (SINED-ANUIES, in Spanish) as well as the draft bill to reform the General Education Policy. Furthermore, he carried a study about the working conditions the academic staff hired to distant teach.

In the National System of Researchers (SMI-Conacyt, in Spanish), he made a diagnostic evaluation of the SNI Regulations. Moreover, he offered specialized legal advisory to the National Universities and Higher Education Institutions Association (ANUIES in Spanish).

He is a founding member for UAM’s Graduates Foundation, and the Public Universities Attorney’s Mexican Association. He also worked for the Higher Education Public Institutions Attorney’s National Association. In August 1997, he was appointed Honorary member by the “Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Caracas, Venezuela”.


Representing the university in legal affairs and those the Rector General assigns in administrative issues as well as making sure that the University’s legal framework is complied with through legal advice to organs, support instances and the university community. Interpreting University and Legal Legislation by permanently reviewing institutional regulations to propose the creation or updating of the Legal Framework as needed. The aforementioned will contribute to solve legal affairs in the University as well as to make decisions according to regulations.


Representing the university and taking care of the legal affairs it has with jurisdictional, administrative, federal, and local authorities or organs and public organizations. Providing advice in legal issues to the organs and university support instances that require it. In addition, fulfilling the tasks it has to attend as needed. The aforementioned will be performed by specialized professionals in each field.


Providing support to fulfill the university’s purpose through specialized legal advice and legal measurements design to make sure that solutions are correctly based on national, international and university legislation and according to the university autonomy, independently of the academic or administrative instances involved.

Legal Affairs Office

María Aidalú Martínez Carballo

Ext: 1207


Representing the university in jurisdictional and administrative affairs of civil, commercial, labor, penal, migratory, agricultural, human rights, environmental and copy right matters, as well as providing advice to its organs and support instances. Defending the university interests and contributing to solve the legal conflicts that occur in.

University Legislation Office

Gabriela Rosas Salazar

Ext: 1219


Providing advice to university organs, support instances, and community by interpreting University Legislation and from the Legal System that applies to universities and higher education institutions. Giving support to sign contracts and agreements and to elaborate institutional regulations to comply with its legal framework.

Administrative Regulation and Property Registry Office

Benjamín Pérez García M.A.

Ext: 1225


Coordinating the necessary actions to homologate legal criteria from the General Attorney and contributing with the University Legislation and Legal Affairs Offices to pay attention and solve the legal requirements as well as to arrange the documents that show university property rights to the corresponding authorities, and to propose the necessary actions to fulfill institutional obligations from this situation.

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