General Rectorate

General Rectorate

Article 3, section I of the Organic Law, provides that the Autonomous Metropolitan University will have the power to organize itself within a functional and administrative decentralization regime; Article 41, Sections III and V of the Organic Regulations state that the Rector General’s competence is to conduct general planning tasks for the operation and coherent development of the University, as well as to issue instructions for the operation of the General Rector's Office services.

Research Support Office

It is the instance responsible for directing institutional actions to support and strengthen the organization and development of humanistic, artistic, scientific, and technological research. It develops and implements strategies to systematize relevant research information; promotes new organizational models; articulates research activities that promote the collaborative work of the academic community; and promotes shared use of resources and infrastructure.

Knowledge Communication Office

It is in charge of consolidating the communication of knowledge from UAM’s General Rectorate; strengthening the projection of university work before federal authorities, IES, the productive sector and among citizens; as well as projecting the research, education and social incidence that UAM exercises, articulating knowledge communication actions between different substantive areas and campuses; making the communication of knowledge a cutting-edge interdisciplinary activity.

Social Communication Office

Its objective is to inform in a timely and truthful manner, inside and outside the Institution, about the diversity of academic, scientific, and cultural life at UAM, its social responsibility, the achievements of its professors, researchers, students and alumni, their policies and actions in terms of teaching, research, technological development, sustainability, gender equity and eradication of violence, mainly that exercised for reasons of gender.

Sports and Recreational Activities Office

Promotes the comprehensive development of the university community, through the organization of sporting and recreational events, and encourages the participation of members of the University in internal and external events in order to strengthen the culture and institutional identity and contributes to the positioning of the community university as a sports referent. Read more

Transparency Office

It directs the development of institutional actions in terms of transparency, access to information and protection of personal data, through the coordination and implementation of strategies, guidelines and procedures that ensure the exercise of rights by members of the community and citizens in general. to the information and protection of personal data in what concerns the University, as provided by the National Transparency System and in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations.